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Being a Client Succes Officer here at Gaga, means we'll end up with each other somehow. Who wouldn't go for succes, seriously? So I guess you'd want to know a thing or two about me, and you'd better get that information from me. Exactly 😉

written by Sandy | July 23, 2018


1. I don’t like bragging too much about myself.

I will talk a lot about the things and people I care about, about my passions. I will talk highly about my colleagues, about Gaga’s partners and about our clients. Just don’t make me blush by asking me about my strengths or a list of things to know about me.

Pretty Please, with capitals. And a cherry on top.

2. My favourite snack from the “frituur”

When going to (a Belgian favourite), our typical fries shop, I don't hesitate long. My favourite snack is a raw red cervela - a kind of garlic sausage, closely followed by a “berepoot”. And I don’t order mayonaise with my stew sauce. Tom approves.

3. I like being creative with stories and improv games

That is... in my spare time. But in the office, I rather tend to get creative with spreadsheets, plannings, follow-up mails and statements - or more so, utterances - towards my colleagues.

4. I used to play field soccer

And I have also practiced the martial art kendo for several years. A series of injuries made me quit the latter, but not before becoming a shodan (the equivalent of a black belt). So you may not want to risk a fight with me. Or you may, as I’m a bit out of shape currently. Tips for a new interesting sport or martial art are therefore very welcome! Maybe I should have a look at the triathlon?

5. I like food. A lot.

So much that I even already know which foods I want to taste at every destination of my next holiday. In related news: if you want tips on what to eat during a trip to Japan, feel free to ask.

You gotta love Sandy. I like Sandy. Tom likes Sandy. Everybody likes Sandy. So you should like her too.Jori Aerden

6. I spent my years at Uni in Leuven

I didn’t move too far away afterwards. However, I was actually born and bred in Limburg. The accent has in the meantime largely disappeared, except when I’m tired or upset (according to my husband). As my heimat lies in the fruit region, I still remain convinced that the best Belgian fruits can be found in Haspengouw. For real.

7. I have studied 7 languages (+ 1 dead one)

The Italian may have faded away into an understanding of mainly recipes and Eros Ramazzotti-songs, but the other languages are still very much there, with various levels of prowess. The most difficult one in the list would have to be Polish, though there might be bigger challenges yet, as I would love to study some more at one point!

She embodies the gift that keeps on giving. Really. No doubts. Tom Struyf

8. I find it difficult to know when to stop talking. 

Yes, even when I'm asked to give five... I can't stop and push the envelope. Or the extra mile. Well, guess that's just me. Up to you to see the benefit of that when I'm your Success Officer here at Gaga. 

Nice meeting you.
Talk to you soon!



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