We are an independent creative consultancy on a mission
to build close-knit tribes and tribe-empowered brands.

If you’re looking for a big, corporate agency,
back away slowly.
If, however, you want an agile crew of ingenious mavericks,
then look no further.

Latest story.

What does the digital city look like?

Together with Proximus and NewFusion we developed a vision on the city of tomorrow. In close collaboration with Proximus-pillars we conceived a compelling story to convince all stakeholders of the development of this futuristic neighborhood.


What we believe.

A brand should not be a cause in itself. Engaging brands should look at themselves as platforms of exchange between humans, gathered in tribes. These tribes are the starting point of our philosophy. Some claim this to be a simple bottom-up strategy, but in our way of working we call this:
Tribe Initiated Thinking©.



Map out the different target tribes and develop a detailed understanding of what distinguishes them.


Once we clearly articulated our tribes, it’s time to find our similarities. Where do our needs meet.


By understanding and adopting the dynamics of the tribe, we help define, build and lead conversations within the tribe.

Stories we wrote.

Our services.


Brand Strategy
Concept Design
Social Architecture


Brand Expression
Creative Direction
Community Design


Brand Activation
Experience Creation
Relationship Management

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