Tribe Initiated Thinking©

A brand should not be a cause in itself. Engaging brands should look at themselves as platforms of exchange between humans, gathered in tribes. These tribes are the starting point of our philosophy. Some claim this to be a simple bottom-up strategy: but in our way of working we call this:
Tribe Initiated Thinking©.

The process.

We have a fascination for hurdling; for the sociologic perspective on tribal behaviour. Because we believe in the power of tribes -to connect, inspire and engage each other. It is pure human nature to want to belong, and our tribal instincts mean we naturally gravitate to the safety of like-minded people. Our Tribe Initiated Thinking© stems from this fascination and consists of three steps.




To understand the task, you have to understand your origins.Sebastian Junger, author

Tribal Analysis.

First we need to dive in deep, and start getting to know our tribes. Who are they? How do they differentiate themselves? What do they want or need? How do they behave and communicate? In this phase we map out the different target tribes and develop a detailed understanding of what distinguishes them.

Tribal Tangents.

Once we clearly articulated our tribes, it’s time to find our similarities. Where do our needs meet. We need to find and execute our brands rite of passage in order to be accepted and become a true member of the tribe.

Tribal Interactions.

By understanding and adopting the dynamics of the tribe, our brand will help define, build and lead conversations within the tribe. We will guide our fellow members, but we will continuously be guided by them too. This creates valuable opportunities for growth and an expanding loyalty towards our brand.


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