Tom's top-4 podcasts recommendations

About a year ago, I started listening to podcasts on my daily commute to and from work. I think it was because both Spotify's algorithm and our the playlist on my favourite radiostation couldn't really cater what I was looking for. To cut a long story short: here's my current top-4 podcasts I came across in these past 12 months.

written by Tom | February 25, 2019


99% Invisible

99% invisible podcast

Its goal is to expose the unseen and overlooked aspects of design, architecture, and activity in the world. Each episode generally focuses on a single topic or specific example of design, often including interviews with architects, experts, or people who have been influenced by the design.



My favorite episodes:
E 328 - 2018: Devolutionary Design 
E 336 - 2019: Mini Stories: Vol. 6

Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy

A friend tipped my on this one, and at first hearing it sounds too much like girly locker-room talk. But the fact is that these two women (vlogger Alexandra Cooper and best friend Sofia Franklyn) really do think like men. Follow them as the duo dives into the explicit details of their life in NYC. In their 20s, the two exploit the f*ck out of their lives, making you feel a hell of a lot better about yours. Relationships, sex, the NY social scene, embarassing moments, and weiner holes are all addressed here on CALL HER DADDY. 


My favorite episodes:
3 - A Blowjob Special: The Gluck Gluck 9000
12 - Ride it like an Equestrian

My Dad Wrote A Porno

My Dad Wrote A Porno

Don't ask, and before you judge me on these last two suggestions: I'm hooked because of the story. My Dad Wrote A Porno is a real-time commentary on the amateur erotic novel titles Belinda Blinked. Its written by Rocky Flintstone, the father of the show's host Jamie Morton. Give it a shot, I know you will like it. 


My favorite episodes:
S1E2 - 'The Leather Room'
S3E3 - 'Dinner at the Duke's Table'

Daily Show With Trevor Noah

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

I'm a Trevor fan. He's just really funny, and having these 30-minute episodes when driving home from the office, is just the best passtime to beat traffic. No more words needed.


My favorite episodes:
Profiles in Tremendousness (11/8/2018)
America's Long Road to Gun Regulation (15/2/2019)



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