Extensa wants Tour & Taxis to become an example of the city of the future. They aim at urban creatives, and target millennials that want to live, eat, work and breathe on site. As millennial wants to be connected, Extensa wants Tour & Taxis to be an example of how technology can be at the heart of a community. Proximus is capable of delivering all technologies, but is lacking in creativity.

This was a bullseye approach.Bart van den Meersche, Chief Enterprise Market Officer Proximus


Together with Proximus and NewFusion we developed a vision on the city of tomorrow. In close collaboration with Proximus-pillars we conceived a compelling story to convince all stakeholders of the development of this futuristic neighborhood.



Behind the story.

Before we started to focus on the storyline, we had to come up with a set of personas that we could use in our story. Although our target audience consists of many stakeholders, our personas should cover a wide array within the group of millennials.


The next step was linking all the technical content to the right persona, and shaping a convincing storyline.


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