Old Games, New Rules.




New technologies arise nearly every day. The pace with which they follow each other increases year after year. Even for people within the IT business, it sometimes becomes hard to stay up to date. So how can companies adapt to these new technologies? Global IT-consultancy CGI came up with a hands-on workshop concept ‘Old Games, New Rules’. Aimed at students, the goal is to find new ways to cope with technologies like IoT, RPA and blockchain. It’s a win-win, but how do we communicate this?

The first step was to make ‘Old Games, New Rules’ look great. Gaga


The answer is simple: create something students want to be part of. CGI already decided on the content and planning of the event, and asked us to help carry out the event to ‘the real world’. The first step was to make ‘Old Games, New Rules’ look great. The next step was adapting a tone that connects with our tribe.

Because it was the first time, we were a bit nervous. But we all had great fun! Let’s do this again.Charlotte Willems, CGI in Belgium


We set up a landing-page where students could subscribe, leaving minimal details (name, e-mail, field of study). Old Games, New Rules became a touring event along student cities. We communicated to them via a newsletter and facebook ads.


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