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As Gaga is a tribe, each member has their own tribal identity. These identities are based on archetypes. An archetype is not a label. It’s a way to classify the irrational behaviour of humans. Or the behaviour of brands for that matter. The founder of the archetypes is Carl Jung. We based our own archetypes on these Jungarian archetypes, and integrated them in our tribal way of thinking. Every archetype is equally important to make out tribe work together perfectly.

written by Gaga. | March 2, 2020



The sage of our Gaga tribe. He provides practical information to the Tribelings. He is a source of wisdom and intelligence, but don’t tell him that. We don’t want him to get arrogant. Jori is the mentor of the tribe. He is the Yoda to our Skywalker, the Dumbledore to our Harry Potter and the Genie to our Aladdin. Without him, we would just be running and dancing around the campfire all day.




Tom is our visionary and hero. All in one. He is creative and imaginative. He helps the Tribelings create and express themselves. At the same time Tom strives to make a positive mark on the tribe and encourages the other Tribelings to be the best version of themselves. You could see Tom as the one who creates - and helps others create - the stories that are told around the campfire.




Jasmijn is what is called the neighbor of the tribe. She is down to earth - most of the time - and is supportive of every other Tribeling. She gives the others a sense of belonging and makes sure everybody feels at home. Need help with something? Ask Jasmijn. New to the tribe? She’ll make you feel right at home. She also has a cat she really likes talking about. So if you like cats, be sure that Jasmijn will like you.




The chieftain. He is the one that tries to restore the chaos the other Tribelings create. And believe you me, chaos is something we can do! We tried to convince Luan to embrace the chaos. To no avail. Now, every Tuesday is Planning Tuesday. As chieftain he intrinsically takes care of our relationships with other people and tribes, making sure we're all happy dancers circumambulating our totem poles.






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