We all know recruiters. We all know staffing firms. But when it comes to technical profiles, they don’t offer the right service and solutions for both employers and employees. So how do you create a relevant brand that connects with technicians and employers? That’s what the guys behind Marcel challenged us with.

Our competitors fail at welcoming their tribes. But now we are here.David Peters, founder


We had to build up a strong and unique brand identity that matches its outspoken positioning. A brand that speaks the same language as the tribes it is speaking to. A bold, vivid and clever brand personality that amplifies the hands-on mentality at its core.

Marcel wasn’t just born. He kicked in the door and suddenly stood in the room.

Who is Marcel?

Marcel seeks and finds jobs for technicians. And he does that better than anybody else. Technicians, which he links to the right technical vacancies. Marcel fills in the technical jobs with right technicians. That’s how it works. That is how you work. Simple as that.


What does Marcel look like?

We developed a fierce brand image by combining a rigid typography with a clear and unpolished icon. The icon, a stylistically bent chain, translates the power, the propelling force and close-knit feel of the brand and its tribes.


Rossemstraat 42,

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