Laat je niet vangen.




One of the most important goals for the Flemish Government is to improve and ensure the health and wellbeing of the Flemish People. An increase of cannabis use was noticed in 14 to 25 years old. Marihuana isn’t a very dangerous drug but at that age it is not very healthy. The challenge here was how to connect with young people without being condescending and to start up a dialogue.

Excellent mix of channels for the target audience, and the approach and tone of voice worked very well to achieve all goals.TNS Dimarso


We launched a campaign, titled ‘Laat je niet vangen’ (ENG: Don’t get caught) to connect generally believed opinions about marihuana to equally fictive urban legends. A strong visual and a language tailored to the target audience, drew them to our quizes, where they were able to share their ‘critical thinking-rating’ with their peers.

Within 3 months, we gathered 56.000 Facebook Likes and had a weekly reach of over 600.000 people. This changed the way our target audience thought about cannabis and created a measurable change in awareness of the downsides of marihuana and a drop in first-time usage of the drug.

Independent evaluation by the government concluded that this was one of the most successful online government campaigns ever.


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