How to improve your LinkedIn company page?

It's there. And for weeks, sometimes even months, a LinkedIn company page doesn't get the requiered attention and affection it deserves. While also your business can't really afford to lag behind with keeping that page alive. So tell us, what about yours?

In this guide we show you, step by step, how to improve your company page on LinkedIn.

written by Gaga. | July 26, 2019


It seems to be pretty simple

At the look of it, running a company page on LinkedIn seems to be pretty simple. But besides the fact that this platform does not have the same status as Facebook or Instagram, growing an engaged tribe on LinkedIn is very different when compared to any other social network.

Interesting fact: LinkedIn's fast growing user base of nearly 600 million professionals speaks for itself. Other than a prime place to share content and flux industry influence, LinkedIn outperforms Facebook or Twitter with 27% for generating visitor-to-lead conversions.

Now the features and best practices on LinkedIn are getting better, it might be the best time to give your presence a new chance. 

Growing an engaged tribe on LinkedIn is very different when compared to any other social network.

First things first: basic profile information 

You don't want to know how many businesses don't keep track of their 'empty' profiles. Setting it up is super easy, but there are some things you have to keep in mind that optimise your page when it comes to creatives and profile copy.

Have a company logo and cover photo

Most companies have got this part covered. But have you thought about a company tagline? Remember to best use clean and colorful imagery on LinkedIn to stand out. Maybe there examples below can inspire you to take the looks of your company page to the next level.

ImageLinkedIn profile LinkedIn

While Nike and even LinkedIn keep it very simple and clean, they do have clear and distinctional first impression. But there is nothing keeping you from having an on-brand and more visual or creative approach like us or Lego.

LinkedIn profile GagaLinkedIn profile Lego

Remember to use these image sizes when you go and create a cover or profile image:

Logo (300 x 300 px)

Square logo (60 x 60 px)

Cover image (1536 x 768 px)

There is nothing keeping you from having an on-brand and more visual or creative approach like us or Lego.

Completing your company LinkedIn profile

A company page has different parts that can each be completed as you wish. Ideally, all of these sections are filled out as they should. Only if you are hiring, you should put that content in the 'Jobs' section.


Here you can put your company's basic information, such as a brief 'about us', some specialties and keywords.

Home section


Let's say you're hiring. Or you just want to show of your company culture? Then you should consider upgrading with a Career Pages. This adds a 'Life' section, whhich is a great place to create a moodboard of your company culture and help distinguish you from all the others.

Life section


When your company is hiring, having this content in the dedicated 'Jobs' section expands the reach of your job posting.

Jobs section


Some things can't be managed, but just happen to go automatically. The 'People' tab is one of those. Based on the employees that have listed your company as their employer, it will render demographic breakdowns. From location, over education, roles and skills. This info is interesting for potential employees or people that want to reach out someone specific in your company. 

People section
Are you aware that your LinkedIn tribe is seriously varied? Clients, employees, prospects, candidates and even your competitors.Jori

Think about your content strategy

Are you aware that your LinkedIn tribe is seriously varried?

Current clients and employees? Prospects and potential candidates? Competitors? That's right... they all have to be catered with relevant content. The good news is that there is a lot of types of content that can be posted on LinkedIn.

Question-based posts

Reaching out to your tribe with a simple question, can oddly enough stand out. There is nothing wrong with, it just feels strange to do it, while it really shouldn't.

question-based posting on LinkedIn


It's not all promotional on LinkedIn. Sometimes just showing what happens can be a big plus. With selfie content we don't mean to walk around with your smartphone camera pointed to your face. Instead show off your company culture, to make an emotional impact on your followers.

Selfie content post on LinkedIn

Articles or industry-oriented posts

When a good caption or post is linking to your latest article, chances are great it will lead your tribe to read your article. 

Article post on LinkedIn

Resources and wisdom

If 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, then publishing your own resources, freebies or lead-lure is a no brainer. Influencer status goes up, and so do your karma-points.

Resource post on LinkedIn

employee showcases

Showing recognition towards your employees puts an emphasis on the human-factor of your company. It's also a great way to score a great engagement rate while highlighting the company values.

Employee showcase on LinkedIn
Companies really should step up their game with video content on LinkedIn, starting tomorrow.Tom

Maximize your LinkedIn engagement

Looking to score more followers? While we don't have a magical formula, there are a few things you can do to attract attention of industry players and influencers.

Here's how you do it.


Involve employees

Yep, this is the most important one. Employee advocacy is by far the most ideal way to grow your LinkedIn presence and increase your content's reach

Because keeping your content to your own company page is just not a good idea, since you're only being seen by your current tribe of followers. That's why your employees, no matter how big or small your company is, enable you to expand the reach of your posts.


Prioritize video content

Video is rapidly taking over social media itself and LinkedIn is no different. Since 2017 LinkedIn has enable video capabilities and has been putting a lot effort in it ever since, with the algorithm prioritizing such content is the most promising example. 

Companies really should step up their game with video, starting tomorrow.



We love working with a consistent content calendar. And on LinkedIn that's no different.

But when to post? Engagement appears to shift between mornings toward the late-afternoon throughout the workweek. Typically we see most companies post at least once daily, although we encourage businesses to experiment with frequency.


best times to post on LinkedIn

Adopt a content strategy and create video content on LinkedIn?

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