Hi, I'm Jasmijn and these are 5 things you need to know about me.

So they titled me Visual Crafter here at Gaga. What's in a name, I hear you think? Well, since I'll be visually crafting on most of our clients projects (so maybe yours too), I thought it might be interesting to tell you something about myself. Here it goes...

written by Jasmijn | February 18, 2019


1. I really dig Bohemian Rhapsody.

Seriously. In the car, under the shower, in the queue at the supermarket... whenever I hear it (or just in my head) I take singing along really serious; with all the different voices.  Galileo. galileo. GALILEO FIGARO. 
It's the greatest song of all times. And you know it. 😉

2. My friends know me as the worst joke teller in the world.

I never watch stand-up comedy on Netflix. Maybe that's why I don't really know any good jokes to tell. To be honest: I'm that one trick pony. I only know one joke, and it involves explicitly mentioned 🍆 phalluses 🍆. But the most painful thing is that I tend to forget the punchline of jokes, which has brought me far too often in embarrassing situations. And that's no joke. *padabumtss*  


3. I'm that kind of geek that has a sketchbook.

And that goes way back, back to when I was still in art school. It's really a great passtime to just blend in with the environment and sketch what you see. My favorites? Old people on public transport blantly having the most trivial conversations with eachother. Does that make me a voyeur?

She’s odd. I guess she’ll fit right in.Jori Aerden

4. A day without gradients or colors, is a day wasted.

My personal work always bursts from vivid colors or lively gradients. A lack of color really depresses me, or even colors that don't appeal to me have a negative effect on my mood. Bright colors emit a contagious and positive vibe and that's what artwork is supposed to do. Striking fact: the colors you'll find in my apparel collection are limited. 

5. I have a fear for fish.

I don't like them. I don't eat them. I don't trust them. I only like them when they are on a picture and have a lot of colors. They look so slippery and prickly at the same time. Their movements are far from elegant and aesthetically a fish isn't really pleasing to the eye. So no, no fish for me. 


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