Game Mania




Game Mania is not your typical toy store. They specialise in computer and console games, with a special focus on second hand.  Current evolutions in the market, evolving more to software as a service (leasing games) and online stores that are platform owned (cf. Playstation Store), forced Game Mania to rethink their future. 
We Make You Happy was asked to rethink the retail-experience. They approached Gaga to bundle our experience and know-how. 

We were aware of the problem, but you gave us the answer to the untold questionGame mania Marketing Team


We focused on the transformation of the concept-stores into communities. The focus shifted from shelves and promo’s to small events and social gatherings of gamers who serve as ambassadors of the Game Mania brand. In Q2 and 3 of 2017, We Make You Happy and Gaga plan some unique events to transition from the old ‘stores’ to the new Game Mania experience.


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