CGI recruitment.




CGI is an international business IT consultancy, with its origins in Canada. The local recruitment department here in Belgium contacted us to help support their digital actions, build a fanbase and enhance their employer branding. 

In other words: how can we help them find new colleagues?


One third of senior managers say finding talent is their biggest challenge. We approach recruitment as a sales funnel: you ask for attention, you charm and finally you bring in. A good content strategy then helps to charm tomorrow’s talent today. The goal is to sell CGI,  not the job. If that candidate sees a possible job coming his or her way tomorrow, then the path has already been paved. 

The goal is to sell CGI, not the job.Gaga


Video content is gaining popularity, more specifically on LinkedIn. Spread out over the year, we will script, create and publish a dozen of videos. The content varies from highlighting several ambassadors from CGI that have an influencing potential, to more scripted and elaborated videos that enhance the employer branding.

To attract young graduates for the CGI Young Potential Program, we produced this video.

In another series of video, we highlight several ambassadors within CGI, that have an appealing story to tell.


Recruiting at student fairs isn’t an easy task. The challenge is to stand out form the crowd while keeping true to the DNA of the company. In stead of trying to be original, we wanted to convey a simple message: CGI is a place where you work with people, in a family-minded environment. In a simple quiz students discovered how much they match with CGI. They received an invitation for the Let’s Talk event, where they can talk to consultants, get some advice on how to search for a job etc. 


We don’t act as an agency, but we approach our assignment for CGI more as a partnership. This allows us to both pro-actively work with great flexibility, and bring in a mix of social media assets for the recruitment team. These assets can be adapted and published on both the company profile and their own personal profile on LinkedIn. 


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