Behaviour can be designed.

The way humans make decisions can be influenced by using insights and principles we learned from behavioural psychology. Brands should make use of this techniques to influence behaviour within their tribes, gain persuasion and generally produce better ideas.

How we handle behavioural design.

We can all agree that intuition and gut feeling don’t convince everyone. That’s why we handle behavioural design the right way: from listening to the tribe to really understand how they think and behave, over working with a solid framework to produce better ideas and strategies to focussing on what works best for people to change their behaviour.

Listen to
your tribe.

Work with
a framework.

Ability and

Clearly, the decision-making that we rely on in society is fallible. It’s highly fallible, and we should know that.
Daniel Kahneman, author

Listen to your tribe.

Deep and fundamental understanding of the tribe’s psychology of choice leads to better result. Only if we really listen to our tribe, map their behaviour and decision pattern we can understand their actions and develop new strategies and tools to design new behaviour.

Work with a framework.

There are no magic tricks involved, but rather a solid framework that guides us through the strategic and creative process. This means more meaningful ideas with great potential for success.

Focus on ability and motivation.

We don’t focus on coolness or originality, but we believe that ideas for behaviour change need to work on ability and motivation of the tribe. If it’s easy and attractive, chances to really change behaviour will rise.

What it means for your brand.

Influence behaviour.

Backed by scientific research and deep understanding of the tribe, your brand becomes a successful influencer of the desired crowd.

Gain tribal recognition.

Your brand develops a positive increase in persuasion and compliance, resulting in a wider and stronger tribal recognition; thus a stronger brand.

Produce better ideas.

Ideas are tailored to the desires of your tribe, which means a more effective creative process, ideas that make a difference and a higher return-on-investment.


We are Certified Behavioural Designers.

Our team got familiar with the techniques, the science and the potential of changing people’s behaviour and influencing their decision making process.

Our certifications are on display. So if you want, you can come and admire them. #bragtalk



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