7 reasons why you should land your first job at Gaga.

Gaga is hiring, and that is great news!
Are you looking for your very first (or second) job?

Well, read on!

written by Gaga | February 9th 2018


1. At least 50% of the Gaga-team once had a first job, too. 🧐

Based on the data we have gathered and deeply analyzed, that is. A first job is something special. But that doesn’t scare you. Because you know exactly what to expect from it. You don’t really believe what Simon Sinek is bragging about when he’s talking about working with millennials. Oh, and there’s Garry V too. These dudes don’t know anything about you. And your first job at Gaga, will be the next-level-shit best first job ever.

2. You can’t keep studying, like... forever 🤷🏼‍♂️

Because seriously. You can’t. Not when your moms ’n pops are paying for it. Not even when you’re paying it yourself. 😂 Ha. But the good news is: we’ve got some twenty-five years of experience to share with you. And you get paid for it. How sweet is that.

3. 👨‍👨‍👧 You’ll be much more than our number 3. Or 4.

Do the math. Three is a crowd. Joining the team at Gaga, means you become part of very small company. So let’s talk business. You want your first job to be a real job, right? We know how to make our coffee & copies ourselves. You will be spoiled and spilled with work. You’ll have your responsibilities. You’ll learn fast. Sometimes it’s going to be hard. Like: harder than scoring a Tomorrowland ticket.

4. 🤯 It’s okay to use ‘f*ck’, ‘this’ and ‘sh*t’ during our first interview.

But just wait until one of us said it first. Or don’t. You have your own brilliant mind, filled with ideas and opinions. You even might be a visionary. We like that. We don’t like uptight and scared. You don’t like authority. F*ck it. You have to. Or at least pretend.

5. Together we will do some crazy shit. 🐒

Nope, no #metoo here. Come on. Because we have a purpose. We have a methodology. We have clients that trust us. We don’t have a crystal ball. But we do have a pretty good idea where we want to evolve to. And yes, that involves some crazy things. Eager to know more? Ha! Ask us. Simple. Six and seven!


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