Tribe Manager

A typical day as tribe manager

You wake up, and there is no sign of a bad mood at all. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and you manage to turn our grumbling tribelings into happy campers by explaining what you expect of them today. This talent to turn everyone into happy campers is also something you bring to our clients. You take away all their worries and indulge them in positive thoughts and feelings.

At 8:45 you start your computer and notice that... you're the only one online. The rest of us are sleepy tribelings. At 9:30 you check again and nudge your tribelings into checking their tasks for today. You state your needs, and listen to the needs and planning of the rest of the tribe. Insider tip: you can lose focus when our copywriter starts speaking. She will call you seventeen more times today, anyway.

The rest of the day you juggle different projects: from governmental institutions to a national float glass transformator. Some free time? The perfect moment to read all about the differences between double and triple glazing, or dive into the latest AI tools and trends. 

Your mission

As a Tribe Manager you can easily combine organisation, motivation and management skills with a human approach to both clients and team members. Experience with sales, HR and/or psychology is a bonus.

During the various project phases you will have intensive contact with clients, colleagues and freelancers. In the projects, both online and offline communication assignments are handled.
You take care of your administration meticulously (financial reports and professional reporting).


Here at Gaga, your role isn't fixed in stone. It evolves just as you do. As a Tribe Manager today, who knows what you could grow into tomorrow? Maybe you'll find yourself building and leading a team of internal consultants or shamans who guide our clients. Your growth is synchronized with the beat of your own drums of ambition, and as a company, we aim to match that rhythm and support you along your unique career path.

talents we would like to see
  • You have some relevant experience.
  • You fluently speak Dutch, French & English.
  • You can easily blend organization, motivation and managing skills with a human approach to both clients and team members.
  • You know how to budget and allocate resources but you can communicate smoothly under high pressure.
  • You love making lists, and adore ticking boxes.
  • Because your team is creative, you know how to handle the quirks of creative people.
  • You make clients adore you and become madly in love with your team.
Your team

You will be in everyone’s team here at Gaga. And in return and free of any costs, everyone will be in your team too. Together we are an independent creative consultancy on a mission to change people and tribes. If you’re looking for a big, corporate agency, back away slowly. If, however, you want an agile crew of ingenious mavericks, then look no further. 

Your concerns?
  • Start date: tomorrow
  • Contract duration: let's start with 6 months, and see if we can evolve into a permanent contract with extra-legal advantages
  • Location: Steenhuffel
  • Work regime: fulltime or halftime

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