Digital Tribe Manager
Your mission

As a Digital Tribe Manager your are responsible for the concrete development and implementation of the several projects. Focus is on content, social media management and a digital marketing & communication approach.

  • During the various project phases you will have intensive contact with clients, colleagues and freelancers. In the projects, both online and offline communication assignments are handled.
    You take care of your administration meticulously (financial reports and professional reporting).
Your talent
  • You have a minium of five years relevant experience.
  • You can easily blend organization, motivation and managing skills with a human approach to both clients and team members.
  • You know how to budget and allocate resources but you can communicate smoothly under high pressure.
  • You know everything about Digital Marketing and ridiculously complex multi channel brand experiences.
  • You know the inside of the box so well that you’re not afraid of getting out of it.
  • Because your team is creative, you know how important it is to build a work environment that encourages creativity.
  • Your clients must get the impression that you are a digital marketing shaman and also feel that you’re madly in love with your team.
  • Honestly, you are half human, half machine and #forevergaga
Your team

You will be in everyone’s team here at Gaga. And in return and free of any costs, everyone will be in your team too. Together we are an independent creative consultancy on a mission to build close-knit tribes and tribe-empowered brands. If you’re looking for a big, corporate agency, back away slowly. If, however, you want an agile crew of ingenious mavericks, then look no further. We help our client win hearts and minds by personifying their tribal identity and steering the behaviour of the tribe members.

Your concerns?
  • Start date: ASAP
  • Contract duration: permanent contract with extra-legal advantages
  • Location: Merchtem
  • Work regime: fulltime

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