Web-to-print, the business of offering web-based print services is not a very exiting business. The main focus is mainly technical (how to design and order prints online). Daddy Kate, already leading expert in custom web-to-print websites was having a hard time attracting new clients that were not ready to invest in a long-during and costly development-project. So how could Daddy Kate attract these customers anyway?

Our diverse team of nonprofit editors is able to layout every local magazine themselves. And up to professional standards!Jens Van Herp, sp.a



After extensive research of the market and trends in b2b platforms, a new approach was suggested: a PaaS (Platform as a Service). We created and designed a low-treshold platform, together with the excellent team at Daddy Kate. This new service made it easy to organise, order and manage the print-flow, even for small customers.
Branditto brought humor, pleasure and ease-of-use to a traditionally tedious and stressful part of HR, Facility and Marketing departments, making all their lives just that little bit better.

Today large and small organisations (Coca-Cola, Century 21, VUB, Lapperre, SP.a and many more) are part of the Branditto-community!

And check the cool video we did:


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